The 4th APAP provides a customizable, on-demand catalogue online. Readers can compose their own using the tools provided at the 4th APAP website ( and create a PDF, which can be printed on various sizes and types of paper as needed.

The catalogue and website of the 4th APAP are designed to contain the exact same contents from its conception. All activities of the 4th APAP, from late 2012 till June 2014, were recorded to an online database as they happen, and the website was designed to distribute these records to the public. The catalogue—or the catalogue generating system—utilizes the same database, and it automatically arranges, indexes and reformulates the records, creating a print-ready book in real-time. Therefore, the contents on the APAP website can be made into the catalogue at the moment it is updated; hence the catalogue produced today can be different from the one of yesterday. The timestamp imprinted in every page between text columns indicates the date and time the catalogue has been generated from the database, along with a page number that may vary in each catalogue.

Reflecting the ever-changing nature of public art, the focus of planning the catalogue/website was to present Anyang in real-time, while also securing sufficient and sustainable accessibility of information to the readers. The catalogue was sought to become a functional and technological foundation to achieve such goal, by weaving every record of APAP since 2005 into personal stories. In this effort, we devised a system that would catalogize the flux of information of APAP automatically as it updates, without consulting a designer or an editor. As a result, every record of APAP up to the present time can be incorporated into the catalogue: this includes all the programs and projects of the 4th APAP, all the past projects in APAP Archive, and even the updates after the end of the 4th edition. Readers can build their own list of contents online, by selecting the ones that corresponds with his/her individual context.

Another implementation of the 4th APAP catalogue is the special edition of 300 printed copies, generated using the system described above. Printed and bound specifically to function as the official documentation of the 4th APAP, the special edition omits projects from APAP Archive as they are records of previous editions, but includes all available contents of the 4th APAP as of the day of printing, in January 2015.

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All pages of the APAP website, from the projects of the 4th APAP and APAP Archive, can be included in the catalogue. To compose your own list of contents, click “Include in My Catalogue” at the upper-right corner of each page.

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