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Park Library: Books and Boxes

Talking Public Art and Writing on Public Art

Park Library is one of the main components of Anyang Pavilion, which is a project conceived of by Jee-sook Beck, the Artistic Director of the 4th APAP, to ensure the continuity of APAP. The Library aims to give form to social energies created by the members of Making Lab—another key project of the 4th APAP—APAP Friends volunteers, and APAP Tours docents, as they use and support Anyang Pavilion. Its purpose also includes archiving the efforts of the many other people who do not work in the Pavilion but who nonetheless participate in the 4th APAP, such as those involved in APAP Branding & Website, the collection conservation and maintenance, and *Interface* project. The Library will be an archive that the people of Anyang and visitors may refer to and interact with.

Park Library classifies, conserves, and exhibits some 2,000 hard and soft documents that contains information on the themes explored by the 4th APAP, not to mention the collection that the APAP has accumulated since 2005 (some ninety artworks) and records related to participating artists. The people running Park Library, from those who are involved in publishing periodicals and books to those who are actually designing and building the library, are interested in transforming the different ways of reading, writing, seeing, hearing, talking about, and making art into a tangible experience. Together with Anyang’s citizens and specialist-visionaries who have already been putting these ideas into practice, the Library reviews relevant cases in Korea and abroad and organizes gatherings to talk and write about public art as a way to find new ways to approach public art and broaden its base of constituents.

From Anyang Amusement Park to Anyang Art Park, from Anyang Public Art Foundation to Anyang Foundation for Culture and Arts —
Anyang Art Park where Park Library is located was formerly an amusement park and a popular excursion destination among the residents of Anyang and the surrounding cities. It was reopened as an art park in 2005, and it was given its current name in 2006 through an open call for naming the public facility. In 2011, Anyang Public Art Foundation that organized the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd APAPs was disbanded, and a Public Art Team was newly set up within Anyang Foundation for Culture and Arts. Launched amidst such major changes, the 4th APAP provides an occasion to contemplate on the relationship between culture and art. The very purpose of APAP is to invite artists to the time and space Anyang and commission them new works or practice that reflects on the particular contexts of the city. The books and boxes of Park Library will serve as vessels that contain answers to—or more questions about—the meanings of producing and enjoying art and culture.

Durational Projects and Specially Commissioned Projects

Park Library has a dedicated team of artists, architects, curators and coordinators. Its main projects for archiving, exhibition, architecture, and publication are Project Archive, *Reading Art between Furniture and Space*, architectural archives of Kimchungup Museum and *Living as Form (The Nomadic Version)*. Among them, *Reading Art between Furniture and Space* is organized by architects Society of Architecture. It is a project that Park Library specially commissioned in order to connect with public libraries of Anyang City. 


길예경 Yekyung Kil ∙ Director

After studying experimental art, Kil has made books and magazines since. She was a research assistant at Sangsan Environment Modeling Research Institute (1990), contributing editor for *Journal Bol* (2005), and researcher for the community-based art project *Art of Insolvency* (Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, 2011). She is the editor and translator of *Culture Jam: the Uncooling of America* (Hyunsilbook, 2004).  

김진주 Jinjoo Kim ∙ Art Archivist

Artist and curator. She studied and worked on visual arts, exhibition, education, publication and archive at school and in the field, which includes Insa Art Space (2006-2008), Korean Pavilion of Venice Biennale (2009), Art Space Pool (2010-2011), Art and Garden (2011-2012), co-working with many people. Under the name ps(2007-present), she participated in *Journal Bol Vol. 10* (Insa Art Space, 2009), *ps: listening company* (former Alternative Space Pool, 2009), *Mothers in Sanghyun-dong* (Gyounggi Cultural Foundation, 2010), *Gunsan Project: (In)visible Move and Human Agency* (Gunsan Artist Residency, 2011). She curated *Pungnyeon Super Camp* (Art and Garden, 2012), and is currently studying writing on visual culture.

이성민 Sungmin Lee ∙ Architectural Archivist

Lee studied architecture and art theory, and worked as architectural designer and journalist specializing in architecture. Currently she works on projects where architecture and art intersect with life. She participated in *Architectural Urbanism: Melbourne/Seoul* (K-ARTS Gallery, Korea National University of Arts, 2013) as a coordinator and *Art of Insolvency* (Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, 2011) as a researcher/space director. She headed the production team of artist Hwayeon Nam from 2012-2013. Her publications include *Public Document 2. Who Makes Our Neighbors?* (2013) and *Media City Seoul 2010 Trust* (2010).

정주영 JuYoung Jung ∙ Archivist

Majored in art theory and received MA on the popularization of art in Modern Korea. Jung is currently preparing her PhD thesis on art management. She started her career as an assistant curator at the Museum of Art Seoul National University (2007), and subsequently worked as an assistant adminstrator at the Korean Society of Art Theories (2007) and a researcher at the Korea Air-affiliated Ilwoo Foundation (2012). She is particularly interested in and writes on contemporary art in Asia.

강유미 Yumi Kang ∙ Editor

Majored in art studies, and worked at the curatorial team of Artsonje Center (2003-2004) and Arario Gallery (2004-2007). Was in charge of the IASmedia program and *Journal Bol* at the Arko Insa Art Space (2007-2008). Currently works as a freelance editor for Art Space Pool (2009-present) and Atelier Hermes (2011-present).

김영유 Yeong-yu Kim ∙ Librarian

Licensed in librarianshi, Kim is currently enrolled in the Library and Information Science advanced course at the Anyang Municipal Library. He worked as an intern at the Anyang Municipal Library (2012) and as a coordinator at the Lotte MBC Culture Center (2013).

김소혜 Sohae Kim ∙ Librarian

Kim studied knowledge information science before joining Park Library as the librarian. Currently she also runs education programs regarding the archive. 

킷-토스트 kit-toast ∙ Exhibition Design

A collective by Bokyung Kim and Cheongjin Keem, kit-toast designs and produces for small and big culture spaces and individual consumers. For their own artistic practices, they use the name 25hr sailing, a name that proposes a sailing journey through capitalist time beyond the usual norm of 24 hours. In 2012 they presented their solo show *Coordinates Sent from Anchorage* (Art Space Pool, Seoul).

나혜미 Hyemi Na ∙ Exhibition Coordinator/Designer

Na studied digital art and graphic design in Seoul and London, and has interest in solving social issues through design thinking. After working as a docent at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, she is currently based in the UK and Korea pursuing curating and design. Participated in the children’s book project *Books for Cambodia* (2013) hosted by multinational NGO group Books International. 


Thursday - Sunday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Monday : Closed


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• Email: parklib@apap.or.kr

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